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Founder and Head Instructor


The National Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences

Dr. Edward John Overchuk, 6th Degree Black Belt (Kenpo)

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology


        Edward John Overchuk started his martial arts training at Tracy's Karate Studios in Parma  Heights Ohio. On May 4, 1981, he received his first promotion to Orange Belt (Sichikyu) from his instructor Mark Miller (9th Degree Black Belt). From that moment on, the Martial Arts/Tracy's Kenpo would be the most rewarding and influential part of his life.  After studying with Mr. Miller and instructing at his studio, Ed received his Black Belt on August 12, 1983. Eventually,  he opened his own Tracy 's Karate Studio in Brunswick Ohio.  Ed continued to study under Mr. Miller and received his recommendation to test under Grand Master Ed Parker for his 3rd Degree Black Belt. On the 16th day of November in the year 1985, Ed Parker promoted Edward John Overchuk to Sandan (3rd Black) in what is now considered "Traditional Kenpo." (Click on Diploma Below)

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        Ed currently holds a 6th Degree Black Belt and is a Certified Master Instructor in the Tracy ís System/Traditional Kenpo Karate (Click on Diploma and Documents Above).  He is still very active in the martial arts and teaches part-time as a Tracy's Personal Trainer and a Self-Defense Instructor at Kent State University.  Ed started training in Wah Lum Praying Mantis Kung Fu in 2000 and has reached the 9th level (Click Diploma Below) in this system and is still continuing. Recently he started training in Eight Step Praying Mantis under Master Yang Shu Ton.  Ed studies both Kenpo and Praying Mantis (Jut Sow & Baat Bo) Kung Fu religiously.    

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        Ed graduated from Baldwin Wallace College with a BA in Psychology. He also attained a Master of Arts Degree from John Carroll University in Counseling. In 2002, Ed received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati Ohio. His academic research involved the martial arts and psychology. Eventually, Ed wants to publish his research and write books on the martial arts and aviation. Presently, he is an Assistant Professor at Kent State University in the Division of Aeronautics.  Ed is a former Captain for US Airways Express/PSA and a commercial helicopter pilot. He holds an Airline Transport Pilots license and various Flight Instructor Certificates.

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