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      The word Psyckenpology is composed of three basic parts:  Psy or psych“ meaning: spirit, mind, or mental processes, Kenpo” meaning fist law (or law of the fist), and logy” meaning scientific study.  Therefore, psykenpology or Martial Arts PsychologyTM is the scientific study of the combat arts and sciences from a psychological perspective.  Martial  Arts Psychology would fall under the broader category of Hoplology.  According to Draeger (1997):  

"Hoplology is the systematic study of man's combative culture in all ages dealing with the investigation of that segment of human culture which concerns itself with weapons, armor , combative accouterments, and fighting arts, not only with regard to their technical characteristics, but also with the ways in which they interact with political and social institutions of man." (p. 4)  

 Where Martial Arts Psychology diverges from hoplology is that it explores the combative nature of man from a more psychological view point.  

Draeger, D. (1997). An introduction to hoplology: Part I of II. Hoplos, 1(1) 3-4.