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This pictogram is a visual representation of  the author's martial arts journey

        The center section is the Koshoryu Kenpo Coat-of-arms (Mitose, 1980).  This Coat-of arms is in the center because without the Mitose Koshoryu system, Kenpo as we now it would not exist.  Also, through the Tracy's system of Traditional Kenpo, the author's martial lineage traces back to this system.  

        The basic design of the pictogram comes from Ed Parkers' IKKA Crest.  This represents the author's promotion to 3rd degree black belt in Traditional Kenpo (Passed on through the Tracys System of Kenpo)  from the late Ed Parker.  Also, the crest is often referred to as the "Kenpo Patch", therefore depicting the authors lineage.  Currently the author has been training in the Praying Mantis system of kung fu.  To depict this journey it was difficult to find a praying mantis that fit well within the pictogram.  The only praying mantis that complimented the basic design of the pictogram came from the Baat Bo system (Eight Step).  This mantis is also used in a vintage and rare book called 6 Harmony Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  Therefore, the exact lineage of the mantis design is unknown at this time.  Even though the author is currently studying the Jut Sow system of praying mantis, the Baat Bo/6 Harmony mantis fit so well and its form so impeccably complimented the pictogram, the author chose this mantis to depict his Tong Long (Praying Mantis) training.  Also, good form is an important part of the author's training and instruction.  With this thought in mind, the Baat Bo 6 Harmony mantis additionally depicts the authors belief in the importance of good form in the martial arts.  The author recently started studying the Baat Bo Praying Mantis System under Master Yang Shu Ton (Tony) at the Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts in Akron Ohio



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